Online Session

Spiritual Counseling

Service Description

During this session I will co-pilot you through the dimensions of yourself. Each session outcome is different for each client. You will discover things about yourself that you may need to address or just simply acknowledge. As we navigate through self together, you shall gain tools on how to build report with yourself and begin your cell command journey. I encourage you to book multiple sessions because everything will NOT be address in just one session. This service includes my Level Up Cheat Sheet for FREE.

  • 2 hours
  • 777 US dollars
  • Online Session or Phone Call

Cancellation Policy

We respect and appreciate each other's time. We are both committed to comply with the appointments we make. Should one of us want to change an appointment, we let each other know at least 48 hours in advance and schedule a new appointment, unless there is an emergency. We honor and respect each other as individuals and communicate and act that way. If one of us feels like the coaching or the coaching relationship goes in an unwanted direction, we will discuss this with each other after which we will make the necessary adjustments.

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