About Me

My name is Jamie Moore. As a certified coach, I’ve been successfully coaching clients around the world and facilitating their self-growth. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, my services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation. I also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life.

My teaching style is a graceful and direct holistic approach to elicit powerful conversations. These conversations are to inspire you to get out of your own way and self-align. Self-alignment is the process of integrating whom you are at the moment with your desired state of being. 


My journey of self-alignment has been life long. I discovered that in order for me to step into my full potential, I needed to integrate with myself. I chose to acknowledge that I lived more than half my life tethered to the best version of myself. My best self isn't better than me nor higher than me. she is me. I then accepted the fact that in order for me to live my ideal life, I need to first be one with myself. This state of mind, lead me to self-acceptance. As a result, I am fully aligned with not only me but my life path. By getting out of my own way and stepping into myself, I am free to live the purposeful life I've always desired. 

My mission is to help you get one step closer to your desired self by asking powerful questions that will ignite the answers within you in order for you to achieve your goal(s).


"No matter what happens, you control your win."

          -Jamie Moore

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